Tapak Barefoot Flip Flops - Midnight Blue

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Inspired by the clear night skies, Andien x Ippe x Pyopp Fledge proudly present Tapak in Midnight Blue! Tapak in Indonesian language means footprint. Inspired by ancient wisdom that believes, that the best things often come in the simplest form. As a pioneer for barefoot footwear in Indonesia, we hope Tapak Barefoot Flip-Flops brings your feet back to their inner strength, freeing them while giving a nice barefoot feeling. #bringoutyourinnerstrength 

Equipped with:

• Adaptive SoLACE-ing
Sandals are equipped with an adhesive strapping system that adapts to feet size, making the sandals stick to the feet like a second skin. Strap width is designed with precise thickness to evenly distribute pressure, holds on to the feet, especially to protect the skin between the fingers and make it comfortable.

• Airlite Compound Outsole
Sole is made out of rubber and phylon mix, 62% lighter than solid rubber. The compound mix ensures better grip and anti-slip even on wet surfaces.

• Grip You Right Insole
Insole made from water-friendly vegan leather, to prevent slipping in both wet and dry environments.

• No Toe Box
No coverage and boundaries, the feet can splay and move freely, maximizing arch usage, allowing the skin to breathe.

• Zero Drop Sole
Sole is both thin and flat, positioning feet in their natural form. This form enhances proprioception, maintaining natural gait and minimizing feet-strike upon landing.